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Plan Canada

On September 22nd Lisa will be named as one of Four National Ambassadors for the ‘Because I Am a Girl Child’ Plan Canada Campaign which launches on the day and will promote Empowerment for the Female Child for the next five years.

Lisa, a proud supporter of Plan Canada’s Because I am a Girl campaign, autographed Plan T-shirts and posed for countless photos with admirers at the Masala! Mehndi! Masti! Festival this past weekend. Lisa is committed to do her part in giving girls the tools and opportunities to chase their dreams. “Join me in the fight for girls’ rights,” Lisa says. ”We can make the world a better place one girl at a time.”

Lisa Ray signed autographs at the Plan Canada Booth during the MMM Festival in Toronto, Canada, 2009.

Lisa Ray signed autographs at the Plan Canada Booth during the MMM Festival in Toronto, Canada, 2009.

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