Lisa Ray

The Yellow Diaries

Yellow Signs 2010

A quick yellow post-it

I’m out!

Looking for the first yellow signs of 2010

Stem Cell Transplant:

It was an odyssey. A trip to the core. The marrow had its way. Now I’m full of cheerful stem cells, like fields of sunflowers I travel inside and watch them turn their small, yellow faces towards me. They giggle and beam.

Go forth and multiply.

I am thankful to the care and attention I got at Henderson Hospital in Hamilton. I will write more.

Thankful to my father. Yellow thanks to Bobcat, Noni and Chris, Tina and Peter and Rose all super commuters. They came to infuse yellow into saline drip. Giggle, laugh, talk, read me out of my Diloted drowse. Shamim and Hanan for daily calls. Doc Raina for daily mantras, daily prayers and daily SMSs. Sindi for the inspiration. Namrata for keeping the sisterhood aflame. Deepa for words to float by.

Many Yellow souls unfolded before my bleary eyes.

And thank you Yellow Diarists. Know that your love and support hit the mark.

Time for a nap.


That’s just how it’s gonna be for a while.

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