Yellow Signs 2010

A quick yellow post-it

I’m out!

Looking for the first yellow signs of 2010

Stem Cell Transplant:

It was an odyssey. A trip to the core. The marrow had its way. Now I’m full of cheerful stem cells, like fields of sunflowers I travel inside and watch them turn their small, yellow faces towards me. They giggle and beam.

Go forth and multiply.

I am thankful to the care and attention I got at Henderson Hospital in Hamilton. I will write more.

Thankful to my father. Yellow thanks to Bobcat, Noni and Chris, Tina and Peter and Rose all super commuters. They came to infuse yellow into saline drip. Giggle, laugh, talk, read me out of my Diloted drowse. Shamim and Hanan for daily calls. Doc Raina for daily mantras, daily prayers and daily SMSs. Sindi for the inspiration. Namrata for keeping the sisterhood aflame. Deepa for words to float by.

Many Yellow souls unfolded before my bleary eyes.

And thank you Yellow Diarists. Know that your love and support hit the mark.

Time for a nap.


That’s just how it’s gonna be for a while.

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  1. < ![CDATA[so reading your posts inspires me to do the little things I need to do each day. You have great courage and are a fighter!]]>

  2. < ![CDATA[if our good thoughts helped, i am glad! i think that all of us!]]>

  3. < ![CDATA[Hi,Lisa
    My eyes filled full with tear when i see u come back to here.
    and know that u recover now
    Like a travel , keep going to the terminal

    Keep fighting!

    Luv u so much


  4. < ![CDATA[2010 with Best Wishes for Better Health]]>

  5. < ![CDATA[Nap fixes lots of crucial needs of body]]>

  6. < ![CDATA[Sweet dreams, babe!
    Lots of love!]]>

  7. < ![CDATA[Bonjour Lisa

    Que ça fait du bien d'avoir de tes nouvelles et de te lire enfin, ça fait super plaisir.

    Je te souhaite vraiment d'avoir de beaux jours devant toi. Continue d'être forte et de te battre contre le cancer.

    Je t'adore !]]>

  8. < ![CDATA[so so so very happy for You!!!
    God bless you! thank Jesus for these good news!]]>

  9. < ![CDATA[I'm so much glad, what the people, who are close for you, and your father, and your friends, are next to you.
    It's very important, i think!

    I remember you all the time...

    Thank you for everything!

    Still trying to find your films in the shops... :-*


  10. < ![CDATA[Thank you - was waiting to hear from you for the New Year. Nice to hear it's over. Yellow is my new fav color. I am amazed at all the comparisons( not sure if that is the right word) you can come up with to associate with that one color. What if the cure is somehow linked to that color somehow. Anyway, I can see why your interest is in Journalism. Sweet dreams. Lisa. I want nothing more from you but to be continuosly intrigued by the exuberance of your verbosity. Ha ha - that's my attempt at writing.]]>

  11. < ![CDATA[Nap it is sweetum. Did I tell you that I love you? tc]]>

  12. < ![CDATA[Dear Lisa:

    I'm so glad to read your new post. Thanks to Shamim, I knew that things were going Ok with your treatment. But it's always a big relief to hear from you directly. I find myself short of words to describe my deep, sincere admiration for you. You have transcended your physical beauty, you intellect and your talent. You have become a highly enlightened being from whom we have all learned a great lesson. All my love and yellow goes to you. May God continue to bless you the way He has. And may He continue to bless us with your amazing presence for many, many years to come.


  13. < ![CDATA[Hey Lisa,

    I'm glad to hear that you are OK after the transplant. I don't know you but I am well acquainted with your work and I was deeply sorrowed when I heard the news. Your work with Shamim Sarif, has had a positive effect on me, it has made me feel normal and for that I thank you. I made a donation to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation and hope that will contribute to finding a cure.

    I admire your positivity and optimism and will continue to send you positive thoughts and strength. You are an inspiration and I look forward to your next blog.


  14. < ![CDATA[I´m praying for you, Lisa. I hope you get better.
    I do not speak english but I´m trying to say you are the best, you are a figther...

    We love you, greetings from Ecuador.]]>

  15. < ![CDATA[I saw how hard this kind of stuff is on people. I watched my Mom go through chemo and all. I am so happy you are doing your best. May they go forth and multiply. You are one of a very few celebs who seem real and down to earth to me. I'll be thinking of and praying for you every day. Thanks for being here.]]>

  16. < ![CDATA[Hi, Lisa!

    I'm so glad to read you again ^^

    This is the first step of your way to your priest and I'll be with you, as every day, supporting you. I hope that in this time of nap, you smile every minute, every second. I hope that everyone around you, give you all the love you deserve. For my part, while I'm away, I give you mine. Thank you for taking always a part of your life, always YELLOW, don't forget it. And now, a song to listen before bedtime, with a nice melody and some nice words, all for you.

    From Spain

    [youtube=] ]]>

  17. < ![CDATA[prends soin de toi !!! plein de courage et de pensée de france]]>

  18. < ![CDATA[Hi Lisa,

    So stoked when Hanan shared this! This is spectacular news! Congratulations on completing your transplant. We all continue to have you in our thoughts and hearts! May 2010 and beyond be the start of a bright yellow chapter with renewed health, smiles, optimism and opportunities for you! Sariena & Gwen]]>

  19. < ![CDATA[have been thinking of you every day lisa rani..... am so thrilled you posted..... get loads of rest and be serene.... and may this year bring you a ton of good health joy and laughter. a huge big abbraccio. blessings.]]>

  20. < ![CDATA[Hi Lisa:

    I am Indian Bengali living in Vancouver, Canada for a few years now. Unfortunately, it was not until yesterday that I came to know about this (throughout 2009, I was very busy and didn't quite have time to look into anything else other than my own technical area). I am really very sad and disturbed to know this. I have seen many of your previous movies. Your performance in Water was just outstanding. I didn't watch it at first. A friend of mine told me about it and then I saw the movie*. I can recall my friend (she is not Indian) telling me 'they brought out the Indian side in her in this movie' and I had chuckled. Indeed, it is so true.

    Many years back, when I first saw your acting in Kasoor, you kinda made an impression right then. All of yesterday, I kept playing those old Kasoor songs on youtube. Too bad, many of us would never know how your hindi accent really sounds :D And don't worry, these days when I visit India I am shamed to speak English, my accent is not easily understood :)

    India loves you and Canada loves you too (I am sure you already have seen lots and lots and lots of examples of this already). You are a brave woman. I hope all these blogs here on this site provides education & courage and reminds all of us never to give up. And I can already see that you are making a difference in some of our lives.

    A warm new year's greetings to you from the west coast! Keep the words poring. We love to read more of your writings. I, for one, will keep watching the posts.

    *oh and btw, I don't download pirated movies, I rent it either from Rogers video or from]]>

  21. < ![CDATA[so wonderful to hear (read?) from you again!

    keep on fighting, you will make it through this!]]>

  22. < ![CDATA[Hi Lisa
    I'm your new fan from the Czech Republic, approximately a week before I watch your web page. I could not believe what I read here. Luckily, you're a strong woman. I know that everything will be fine. Sorry for my English.
    I saw your movies recently. Fascinated me. You're a great actress. And probably look like a great woman. I can not find anything negative. I can not believe you're so great. And when you just wrote here. I realized just how close you are to your fans. It's unbelievable, somewhere at the same time you would write on the same Web site that I watch. I hope you understand me, my English is not really good. I want to wish you good health. I wish you much that you make more films like I Can not think straight, or The World Unseen. I guess you say that I'm just one of the other fans, maybe they will not even read. But much to mean to me. I wish I could meet you in person. I know, stupid. Can I get your autograph? Please watch for yourself.
    2010 will be great for you, I believe in it.
    Love Blanka

    P.S.: Nikdy nezapomenu. (S láskou, modlím se, kéž by jsi odepsala alespoň jedno slovo....)]]>

  23. < ![CDATA[Dear Lisa,

    It just got a little warmer in New York City. It is nice to hear your voice! I can feel the yellow rays. Now add a bit of compost (this reply counts) and water...

    Hardening Off "If you sow your seeds somewhere warm, like in a heated greenhouse (or hospital), they won't be strong enough to withstand the normal outdoor (bony)
    temperature straight away. They need to get used to colder temperatures gradually, so they can grow smaller cells, closer together, which are stronger than the sappy ones that form when the plants are in easier conditions (like isolation tents). When the weather's getting warmer, you start taking your seedlings outside for a short time each day (seedlings flourish in the fresh air), bringing them back under cover at night. You gradually increase the time they're outside until they're outside day and night. Remember every seed is an individual and might be satisfied with some different set of circumstances."
    - The folks at Seed Site


  24. < ![CDATA[Hi Lisa

    Happy New Year!Glad that the stem cell transplant went great!
    I wish I could write like you about treatments and trip to the hospital.
    The Christie Hospital is my local (over here in U.K you can call a local a pub) but because i go every 3 months for check ups and results...i call it local.
    I am more creative in food that all this medical talks..
    Like amazing nurses and doctors and my partner always coming with me.I just pray that they find a cure for every single cancer.. I will celebrated with a yummy cocktails..the only down of treatments..i.e tablets and injections is that put ur body on weight...awwwww...that is the only part that i dont like at not like i am vain..but who wants to put on weight like that...
    Hope you back again to do movies..i think you are fav in comedy.
    I could talk about food (my profession and hobbie or gardening) but i dont want to make u sleep lol. I could talk about for hours.
    So what is your favourite dish? and your 3 favourites nationalities in food?
    I love tapas (spanish where i am from and is small dishes with different type of ingredients..from seafood, chicken, vegetarians), do like spicy food also,.
    As a chef love to try every single nationality.My dream is to create a dish where every single nationality is there.I will let you know when I accomplished that!
    Well hope u have a lovely nap Lisa! and keep strong in ur odyssey!
    You are an inspiration!
    Take care and hugz from mayte xxx]]>

  25. < ![CDATA[Well,glad to see u again online.It's an excellent news for all urs Russian fans.So we hope ,really hope that all trubles which u suffer just now will pass asap and changes which u are going now in yourself and urs world view will help somebody :) U know russian people say that woman can do everything and pass through all what is under her lifeline)And it's true. Hope u will find power to fight again and show people that dreams come true.
    Will be waiting for news on u and wish u grow up ur's inner Buddha:)]]>

  26. < ![CDATA[Nice write up ...Get well soon Lisa :-)]]>

  27. < ![CDATA[I am truly delighted that you are home. I continue to think of you and wish for your health and well being. Thank you for being a force of positivity in the world. Blessed be.]]>

  28. < ![CDATA[When i read your new sentences.. they bring tears to my eyes immediately.. im praying for u.. and for ur eyes.. i love u..]]>

  29. < ![CDATA[So great to hear from you! All the best for 2010. Take care of yourself and rest!
    On se gèle à Paris en ce moment...!
    Pascaline from Paris ;)]]>

  30. < ![CDATA[Que alegría Happy !

    Hola Lisaray, me alegrastee Hoy el día....
    me da mucho gusto recibir noticias tuyas,... que lindaa eres, por acordarte de nosotros,... te queremosss muchoooos más que ayer.

    Dios escucha nuestras oraciones.

    Soy Feliz, leer que estas bien y que sigues adelante.

    gracias Dios mío. gracias a Tí Lisita por tanto Amor que nos has hecho nacer.

    Y vamos a continuar estando aqui contigo,
    hasta la remisión completa. Tu alivio completo.

    Yo quiero pedirte que un día no muy lejano nos mandes una sonrisa.

    Siempre estaras en mi pensamiento y en mis oraciones.

    Te quieroooooo]]>

  31. < ![CDATA[I'm really glad to hear your out!!!!!! Wishing you all the best for the rest of your recovery(:]]>

  32. < ![CDATA[HEY LISA,

    happy new year, we missed you

    take care of yourself


    hélène (france)]]>

  33. < ![CDATA[I am very happy to know you optimist and in the street of improvement, and i'm impressed by your strength, I am impassioning more every day to your course , I think that you can teach so many things to whom, as me, every day complains him for small and stupid things. Besides your beauty, strength and courage I have discovered that you are also very funny. I hope you'll be better soon. A big big kiss.
    Sorry for my english.

  34. < ![CDATA[What a joy !

    Hey Lisaray, I alegrastee the day today....
    gives me great pleasure hearing yours,... that cute you, by us, remember... us Love you more than yesterday.

    God hears our prayers.

    I am happy, read that these well and that you continue forward.

    Thank you my God. Thank you Lisita therefore love that made us birth.

    And we will continue to be here with you,
    until complete remission. Your comprehensive relief.

    I would ask you one day not too distant future we send a smile.

    Always post in my thinking and my prayers.

    I LOVE YOU]]>

  35. < ![CDATA[Que alegría Happy !

    Hola Lisaray, me alegrastee Hoy el día….
    me da mucho gusto recibir noticias tuyas,… que lindaa eres, por acordarte de nosotros,… te queremosss muchoooos más que ayer.

    Dios escucha nuestras oraciones.

    Soy Feliz, leer que estas bien y que sigues adelante.

    gracias Dios mío. gracias a Tí Lisita por tanto Amor que nos has hecho nacer.

    Y vamos a continuar estando aqui contigo,
    hasta la remisión completa. Tu alivio completo.

    Yo quiero pedirte que un día no muy lejano nos mandes una sonrisa.

    Siempre estaras en mi pensamiento y en mis oraciones.

    Te quieroooooo]]>

  36. < ![CDATA[Hummm...

    I'm happy! I see you and make me believe that the people I give cancer diagnosis can be stong like you and can fight like you. I wish you better each day!

    Love from Brazil and from one of your! haha]]>

  37. < ![CDATA[Lisa,
    my dear Lisa,
    congratulations..Stem cell success !!!:)
    Got the news from your Twitter in the morning...
    Today is lucky day,Lisa...
    We are happy, excited, for the sake of your health,
    Stem cell success!!!How good news!!!:)
    Worth to drink, and to celebrate:)
    Happy,and happy,and so happy...

    Lisa,Are you sure out of Henderson Hospital,and go home?
    I know the feeling is very good at home,
    but you know,more than the bacteria at hospitals

    ... ...
    Continue to bless you, continue to pray for you, never stop:)
    Our angel---Lisa
    Oh,so luckly,lucky day!!:)]]>

  38. < ![CDATA[Hello !!!!!

    WoW, it's good to know that you are ok !!!

    I´m so happy for You....

    Lisaaa we want to see you again...

    i miss youuu :)

    take care..

    Abrazos desde Mexico..

    Ojala pudieramos hacer mas por Ti :D

    Besos y Abrazos!!!!]]>

  39. < ![CDATA[Greetings from Russia.

    We believe. We hope. We wait.]]>

  40. < ![CDATA[Dear Lisa,

    A Happy and a Healthy New Year 2010 to you!

    Whether you are up or down, you beam like the sunny yellow sunflower! Good to hear from you when you can.

    Praying for your good health. Continue your faith in Him and keep strong. That is your strength and I hope it will never fade.

    BTW - I was wondering if you could kindly post your local mailing address and not the addr in England. Something like a post box address would be helpful to have. Pls provide and I hope you can. Thanks.

    Take good care.

    I hope you have a wonderful day and take it easy.

    Love and prayers,

    Jenny in T.O.]]>

  41. < ![CDATA[Wishing you yellow dreams...

    Keep drinking lots of water. :)>

  42. < ![CDATA[Wow~ New blog so soon?! Lisa....
    I wanna post again my words here, ha ha~!! Please leave my same reply aside in you last blog. Sorry....

    Wa ha ha~~ Dear Lisa, what a great and inspiring news to us who love you so much all over the world!

    During your staying in the hospital, we were so worried because we did not know whether you were O.K. or not. We kept praying for you day after day in our "Loving Lisa Ray" fan-club in the internet of China ( ). We expected good news of you so eagerly! Thank God it “IS” a good news! I feel like singing and dancing for you right now, ha ha~

    Stay strong in your belief, and in your soul. It’ll help your body get stronger, avoiding any bacterial infection. Moreover, it will bring you totally recovery as soon as possible! Come to your blog to see, to feel and to recieve the pouring love and endless blessings from all your fans around the world! It will surely help!

    Keep fighting, Lisa! We are all for you! And I love you!

    Big hugs and kisses,

    Love sending form Taiwan!]]>

  43. < ![CDATA[Helllllllloooooooooooooooooo LISA:)
    Welcome back sweety:)
    its soooooooo soooo wonderful to hear from you:)
    Bless you honey for writing again..aww
    wishing you super duper health and happiness ;)
    you take all the rest you need and plz plz take extra care of yourself..aww thanks to all those wonderful people who have been taking care of you God Bless them all :)
    been thinking of you and praying for you, but not been the same without you...All your fans missed you dearly but we just wanted that our lisa gets better :)
    and now your back and inshallah wishing you get the best of health and this year is a shining year for you. I really pray to God that all the people who are fighting cancer May in 2010 a cure be found, Ameen.
    Shamim is great she has been keeping us updated on facebook about you and i read her comment yesterday that you were being discharged, aww it was thebest news that i have heard this year:) but i dint even imagine or think you would blog sooo soon..aww lisa how sweet you are and incredibly seriously are an inspiration darling.

    Love you lots, wishing you everything that you want, wishing all your dreams desires are fulfilled


  44. < ![CDATA[At the risk of sounding like a nitpicky pedant, it's "multiply". :D

    Here's to hope, and a great year ahead. :)]]>

  45. < ![CDATA[Ha,

    it´s wonderful to have you back. I wish you a quick recovery. Enjoy your bed sheet :-)

    Big hug from germany]]>

  46. < ![CDATA[Dear Lisa,
    I am very glad you're back and that everything is going well.
    you are very strong and always gives hope.
    I wish you the best on this road still to travel.
    my prayers are always with you

    many kisses from buenos aires (Sorry for my english)


  47. < ![CDATA[Lisa-
    Great to hear from you again....wishing you continued strength and endurance... Again, when you are ready, Florida awaits..condo all yours...I'm on facebook, not a stalker, not a crush, just want to help how I can. Be well, Namaste, Tish]]>

  48. < ![CDATA[was already going crazy if news
    God bless you
    victory is that many people also
    do not forget to always show the way, for those who come after you
    I'm happy too.]]>

  49. < ![CDATA[dear lisa
    shweet dreams ,takcare luv u m very thankful to god that u have such loving people around u like bob cat ur dad
    takecare,mish u]]>

  50. < ![CDATA[My dear Lisa,

    You cannot imagine how happy I am to see your short yellow post-it today. Joytear!
    You are amazing to take your time to write just after returning home from SCT. Please take care of yourself, sleeping is the best medicine!
    I wish you all the best for the upcoming months for your journey.
    We all here are travelling with you, sharing our thoughts and feelings with you continously to strengthen you more on the way.
    Even if we know that your faith and spirit are very strong!:-)
    I am sure you will feel better and better each day and being at home surrounded by love will mean a lot to your recovery.

    I wish I can shout out loudly my happiness for your returning!

    With love

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