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To all Fellow Yellow Diarists…

To all Fellow Yellow Diarists, Enlightened Friends and Supporters

There has been such a constant outpouring of love and generosity since I began the Yellow Diaries. As I prepare for the final leg of my treatment for Multiple Myeloma, a lot of you have asked how you can continue to support this journey.
First know that I am grateful for all your open hearted responses already.
Second: please do not illegally download the films into which Shamim, Hanan, Sheetal and I have poured our creative energies. Purchase The World Unseen and I Can’t Think Straight from the Enlightenment website and you will be supporting not just the films we created, but future film projects made with passion and integrity. Without this support, there will be no more. In addition, we the artists collectively cannot sustain ourselves financially if you are watching the fruit of our labour for free. Think about it- its difficult enough to remain true to your vision and passion. Working with Shamim and Hanan has been deeply inspiring and I would like to work with them again and again. I would like to continue to make my living as a actor committed to working on projects which illuminate and provoke. This can only happen if you express your support by buying the films.

Happy Holidays and a Yellow Wish for all-

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  1. < ![CDATA[Bon courage pour la suite de ton traitement Lisa.

    Pour ce qui est du téléchargement illégal, tu as raison. Nous devrions tous faire l'effort d'acheter les films que nous aimons au lieu de les télécharger illégalement.

    Passe une bonne journée et reste forte !]]>

  2. < ![CDATA[Lisa!
    I'm always your side...

    true love& courage!]]>

  3. < ![CDATA[Dear Lisa,

    We are with you all the time!
    And try to help you as much as we can!
    Wish you lots of yellow energy for the last part of your treatment and peaceful holidays for your Dad and your Bobcat!
    Your successful SCT would be our biggest present for Christmas!

    With yellow love

    P.S. I already bought the original DVDs+soundtrack from Amazon and both Shamim's books from Enlightenment site and would be more than happy to see and buy more movies with you in the leading role directed by Shamim and produced by Hanan.:-)]]>

  4. < ![CDATA[all the best
    all our thoughts and our prayers
    and all our love LISA RAY
    a succefull SCT!!!!

    thanks for this,for sharing with us ur personal life

    thank you LISA RAY
    merry christmas and a happy new year


    with love the romanian girl from Italy]]>

  5. < ![CDATA[Lisa, you will be on my mind.

    the best of luck and happy holidays to you too]]>


    In my country I watched your films but It was copy:-( . "The world unseen" and "I can not think straight" Because I can not find your orijinal dvds in my country. I find only "water".

    Okey my sweetheart .ıf you want to buy your dvd for us .I t is good. I will buy those my friend. I can not understand the whole english but already I know all the dialogs :-)

    I do my best for you and your projects. Possibly, I can not find and I can not watch your new projects :-(

    I wish many beatiful and many new projects for you, for dear Shamim Sarif and for dear Hanan. I wish ,you will be all together with your loyal friends...

    love... Sinem Dinçel Ceylan


  7. < ![CDATA[To my dear Lisa:

    Today is your day. In each of the words that you wrote on this blog, all your followers, people who love you, we have been with you. You know, we're always going to be with you, loving you and supporting you in every way you travel. I will be with you.

    This Christmas, I buy these two wonderful films, because they changed my life and because I met you, and you are one of the most important people in my life, no matter that I can not see you or hold you, just I love you, because you're wonderful.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Be Strong Always!


    From Spain

  8. < ![CDATA[Dear Lisa
    You are my angel. Thank you for coming into my life.
    All of our prayers and loving energies are with you to succeed in everything you do in life.
    sent with love and light,

  9. < ![CDATA[Hi Lisa, I just want to say a quick thanks for sharing your story (which I have been keenly following!). My older sister had leukemia (and was successfuly with treatment) when she was a child, before I was born, and it has been a topic which has remained fairly taboo in my house, partly because it's not really relavent anymore, and partly as my mother and sister just want to forget it ever happened. Hence, my knowledge of cancer in general is as pop culture fueled as one can get. Thankyou for sharing an insight into one facet of such a terrible monopoly of diseases.

    With loving thoughts and prayers,
    Jacqui, 18, Australia.]]>

  10. < ![CDATA[Hiya Lisa,

    I bought ''I can't think straight'' and ''the world unseen'', but I wish you got money for every time I've watched them; there would be enough money to support the whole world.
    Good luck today and happy holidays for you and you're family. 2010 will be you're year. Take care!

    Kind regards Nicolle]]>

  11. < ![CDATA[Lisa, you're right!

    If something is good, must buy.

    Happy Holidays, honey.
    Best wishes, forever and ever

  12. < ![CDATA[Hi Lisa

    How are you today?
    I am a fan of your films and my english language not good ha ha (Pardon me for my english language).

    get well soon and I’m always your side…

    P.S. I already bought the original DVDs+soundtrack from Amazon too...

    Happy Holidays,Love you

  13. < ![CDATA[21 December 2009. Borodin! The start of your full recovery.

    Wishing you a successful transplant. I can’t wait till your marrow is filled with happy stem cells. Differentiating, so that they can make you feel as good as new. That’ll be another milestone in your recovery I’m sure you’re gonna reach and btw your first in 2010!

    Take care of yourself and I wish you a good engraftment and a fast recovery. You’re always in my thoughts & prayers.

    Happy holidays!
    Anie =)

    PS: Maybe I’m hallucinating, but I’ve noticed that your blog is snowing. How fun is that!]]>

  14. < ![CDATA[May your holidays be relaxing and may your New Year bring you bountiful health.

    Love the snowy blog on the first day of Winter, beautiful!]]>

  15. < ![CDATA[Dear Lisa
    Supports together with you with the response purchase legal copy. ~ ^ ^]]>

  16. < ![CDATA[Yeah! Lisa my girl

    You know I want to shout very very loud "Yes yes Thank God" All day I've been thinking of you. (you must be ok.) and I opened your blog all the time. Every 5 minutes I refresh Ha ha ha .

    I'm so glad when I saw your blog update.

    Merry christmas and a Happy new year!

    Ps. Love you

    Fan from Thailand]]>

  17. < ![CDATA[hey hey hey!

    long time no see :D

    as in virtual ofcourse lol

    guess what? i got deported from UAE for having passive hepatitis ! such a wonderful experience.

    anyway now im at home , unemployed . But i think the food conspired to get me back here.. kachori, samosa etc.. its just heaven..

    oye - i know u didnt take my movie list seriously so here ill type it again. WATCH.

    1) tropic thunder
    2) before sunrise
    3) johnny english
    4) accepted
    5) i cant think straight (oh im being nice u know that :P )

    U are the proud member of being part of The Abhijit All Time Crush List.

    anyway too much niceness..

    bye , take care, chill,]]>

  18. < ![CDATA[hola I agree with you:)
    happy holidays]]>

  19. < ![CDATA[Bon Voyage Lisa...

    Thinking of you today.>

  20. < ![CDATA[Dear Lisa,

    I'm in hostpital taking care of my grandmother, so I've been remembering your big day all the time. My grandmother seems to be getting well and she will be home for Christmas. I know everything will be good in your SCT too and you will have a nice holidays with your family.

    Looking forward to knowing about your success,


  21. < ![CDATA[I agree with you lisa...wish u a merry christmas and happy new year!! much yellow feelings!!
    love always my dear.]]>

  22. < ![CDATA[Lisa, thanks for your words, your a Xmas gift to me: I just want to buy all the movies you are going to be in.... ;) I hope lot's of them.
    I wish for you, a good transplant, better recovery and that God provides you guys with a great gift for next year (maybe a hairy little one :P )
    Merry Xmas and Happy new year for you all.....
    Change the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race....;)
    Please get better, I hope to hear from you soon]]>

  23. < ![CDATA[I know where you can browse the internet free new movies, which starred Liza. Films without translation. in the original English. who wants to see the ladies Internet address.

    Я знаю, где вы можете просматривать в интернете бесплатно новые фильмы, в котором снимались Лиза. Фильмы без перевода. в оригинальном английском языке. кто хочет посмотреть дам интернет адрес.]]>

  24. < ![CDATA[my dear lisa
    I believe you will fine Immediately and I am sorry I could't communication with you in english, I come from china and my english is too bad.
    I only want to tell you ,I will use your favorite way to love you forever.]]>

  25. < ![CDATA[Sending you lots of love and light from the US. All I can say is reside in the Self....

    We love you and support you, and I know you feel it.]]>

  26. < ![CDATA[LiSa,
    China PM22:58,
    I Return home, on the way and miss you.
    Even if be busy,the same.......
    see you
    I know
    To Day

    your's Rene

    China 中国北京2009年12月21日]]>

  27. < ![CDATA[Hi Lisa...The first i want to tell you that..i'm Vietnamese. I've watched your films..that's "i cant think straight " and " the world unseen"...i like it a lot...everything about you're perfect...your smile and..your perform...really perfect.
    You're the first foreign actress i feel like...
    i knew you not long but i dont know why..i really feel so sad when i heard about your cancer...but it's all right lisa sister..i always pray for you..and dont give up..
    I want to buy "i cant think straight film",but in my country havent..
    I dont know what to say with you ... my english very bad...if there something's wrong ..please dont laugh me.

    Thank you for reading.I LOV U A LOT]]>

  28. < ![CDATA[Hiya Lisa

    just dropping by to wish you strength and courage as you go thru your procedure today.. Your loyal fans will be praying for you constantly so don't give up and be brave as you go thru it. Hope this Xmas brings you a little joy.. Take care..

    From Rose (Singapore)]]>

  29. < ![CDATA[Know that you are more strong, more courageous, more determined - You are MORE than this disease or any procedure that you are enduring to rid yourself of it.

    Be strong. "Live strong."

    Be you. Be faithful to your beliefs including and especially, in yourself.

    Breathe in, breathe out and keep at it.

    Always remember that there is a huge difference between feeling beaten up (at times) and being beaten down.

    Know the winner that you are.

    Know that only permanance in the trials of this "last leg" is your whole wellness.

    Know that in a few months, this "last leg" will be just one more memory on your journey.

    And, know that you are greatly cared about and in my (and so many others') thoughts and prayers.

    And, one more thing, as far as the ceremonial "bell ringing" goes at the conclusion of a milestone (and, in this case, your last, before achieving your "full reboot"), may I offer that you envision the sound of the Notre-Dame's Emmanuel Bell, which is rung for important events?

    Hear that bell every single day, Lisa.

    Just as it is rung at important events and the four bells give rhythm to daily lives and remind folks that the cathedral is a Living place, let it give your life rhythm and underscore and celebrate your full life - YOUR FULL AND HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE, LISA RAY! :)

    Cheers to you, Lisa!]]>

  30. < ![CDATA[Dear Lisa:
    You are absolutely right, the best way to help is respecting the work and effort of others. Go ahead, we are always next to him on this trip. All my prayers for you. And a new year is very yellow.


  31. < ![CDATA[Hi, Lisa

    You cannot believe how many times I've watched your movies. Don't know where to buy the legal DVDs until today. Of course, I bought them immediately! Coz I know it's the only way that I can support you.

    Be strong and brave. No matter what, you are always the most beautiful girl in my heart. ^_^


  32. < ![CDATA[hi lisa de

    how r u i am feeling so happy i dont know whenever i see u blog i feel happy i will get to know that ur fine everyday coming back from office and checking the blog to see have u written some thing when i see something written by u i feel so happy that day which i cant express even i am trying to get a job in Canada i am applying ever where to get a job in Canada and i hope one day i will get it and i can meet u oneday but my family was not happy........... they dont want that i should apply. but know even they given me the permission to apply just i am wishing to god just one job so one day i can meet u de i love u alot.did u ever plan to come india plzz if possible plzzzz come to india love u alot a big hug for my sis love u sis]]>

  33. < ![CDATA[Dear Lisa,

    Since the day I have come to know about you and your illness, I am following your blog. Cant express how deeply I have been impressed by the courage and positive attitude you have been facing this condition. You are a true fighter and a rare human being.

    I have deep faith in the almighty GOD and will pray for you. Wish you a successful SCT and a long and healthy life ahead.


  34. < ![CDATA[Hi Lisa,

    I just bought the two movies plus de cd from Amazon, I hope it is ok, because I live in South America and we can buy from Amazon easily.
    Hope you are doing fine with your treatment today.

  35. < ![CDATA[Ok... I LOVED that you posted that... Because I'm always telling people that it's really wrong download films Illegally and Cd's.

    That's really really Bad.. And I hate "Pirataria" , I don't know how to say in your language but I think is like "piracy"!!! I hope people stop to make copies from original movies and Cd's as well. And also we can't forget that's a crime so STOP people. If those people really liked their idols, I'm sure they wouldn't do that. If you don't have money to buy it, it's ok ... Just don't download, it's a disrespect with all artists.

    It's difficult to buy DVD's that didn't come here yet, I tried believe me hahahaha.... But I never gave up before and I'm not gonna do it this time. When your films come here I'll buy for sure Lisa or if I have sometime and some patience I'll search again through internet :). I remember to buy a Sugababes DVD from Germany and came to me like 3 months later, I had forgotten that I bought it.. hahahahaha

    Feliz NATAl um ótimo Ano Novo e eu espero que em 2010 você esteja mais feliz, mais saudável e que dê tudo certo para ti ;)...Beijos

    Thanks for the post.... Boy, I think I love you mooooooore..hahahaha .... Bye Bye Beautiful]]>

  36. < ![CDATA[Habibti,

    Thanks by existing...

    Today is the beginning of your final way toward the cure... Remember it.



    God is with you.

    Your dad, Bobcat and your friends are with you.

    We are with you.

    You´ll be ok.

    Best wishes,


  37. < ![CDATA[Its true you can buy it and you get a cd of the music!
    Support is always a good thing - we wouldnt want anybody stealing from our businesses!
    Happy Holidays and many prayers as you start your next journey today!]]>

  38. < ![CDATA[my dear Lisa,
    Happy so fast
    See your message, your words
    I make a review,I know you and your works,through illegal download the films.
    But,two days before you write these words ,I have go to Shamim's official website,buy the movie about your DVD to genuine and Shamim's book: )
    We're moshing here, because you ,and together,We are to discuss, how to promote the films,about your,Copyrighted edition:)and Shamim's book.
    We are thinking about what kind of method import the copyright about Shamim's book to China,we hope Shamim 's book to translate, appear in more Chinese readers: )
    We don't know what else to help you, the method of.
    Just a little heart for you,for your health, for your beauty, in order to someday soon, you healthy, happy, jump to appear in front of us, in the new movie.
    Dear Lisa,
    Sincerely for your prayer,you will bear the pain,we would like to share what you.
    At the same time, hope you can give us the other way, to help you,for your health:)]]>

  39. < ![CDATA[Dear Lisa;

    I bought them all,legally including WATER, Bollywood Hollywood. However I can't buy Quater life crisis!! Said it's out of delivering area. Caz I'm in Thailand and that's crazy.
    We don't have much Bollywood movies in Thailand especially yours.

    However I wish you getting well soon.

    Have a wonderful and Merry X Mas.

    I'm on yr side too.


  40. < ![CDATA[Dear Ms Ray,
    Dear fellow readers,

    I perfectly agree with everything you write about file-sharing/streaming films.

    BUT at the same time I don't quite understand why downloads (that is paid for downloads) are not available worldwide in the 21st bloody century.

    As someone who travels a lot I find it very annoying to have restrictions on amazon, itunes, hulu and other legal download sites based on IP-address & credit card location. Absolutely ridiculous. Similar points with region encoding. In a global world there is no and I repeat no point whatsoever to have regional DVDs. (I doubt that there ever was a reason in the first place but whatever). As long as producers and studios refuse to wake up to this reality I'm afraid some of this trouble will continue.

    And as a final point - without internet & streaming I doubt that anyone in this remote part of Europe that I currently live in would have ever heard of any of the films mentioned.

    Which again is not to defend streaming etc. but if anyone reading this can get hold of some producer/studio exec & hammer my point across that would be ace!


  41. < ![CDATA[I purchased both films from Enlightenment, I fully support your request. By the way you look lovely with your shaved head:-) My sister is a two time Cancer surviver, my prayers are with you :-)]]>

  42. < ![CDATA[I All ready buy it, it's my christma's present ;-), I'm glad to have this material, when you saw it you can see all that passion and integrity yo say Lisa, you 4 make a great team and I hope you still doing so nice work like this two movies, and I'm more glad to help the cause!! all of us we can help in many ways.

    Merry Christma's and many good energy!


  43. < ![CDATA[love coming your way.... today and always.

    God Bless you Lisa

    jenny K.


  44. < ![CDATA[Hola,

    Lisa se que tu alma es hermosa, asi que como somos almas con cuerpo, se que el tuyo sanará, porque almas como la tuya, aun sin conocerte, son necesarias ahora.


  45. < ![CDATA[Lisa Bellissima!!!
    Its always nice hear from you!!!
    It warm up my heart <3

    I already bought those beautiful movies with the cd i loooooove the music i loooooooooooooove i cant think straight. You did such a Great job!!
    You Are the best Lisa!!!!!
    Love you muchissimo much!!!! <3

    I wish you a happy holidays babe
    <3. <3. <3]]>

  46. < ![CDATA[My VIRTUOUS ONE......Lisa Rani Ray,

    Just a short note to let you know that I am very grateful that you take time out to read our blogs and to let you know that our support to you is unconditional and we are here ,always.

    Take it one day at a time and we are side by side with you , we walk the walk and as the saying goes, talk the talk but in your heart, you know that we care,GENUINELY!!!


    Bye for now,
    All My Love…]]>

  47. < ![CDATA[Lovely one,

    Thank you for your yellow wishes. I am anxiously awaiting copies of your films from Enlightenment Productions which I ordered 2 weeks ago. I'm especially looking forward to seeing more of your currrent and future films. Take care and hope to cross paths with you soon :)]]>

  48. < ![CDATA[Dear and Lovely Lisa, I wanted to have your two movies, The World Unseen and I can't think straight, I've bought them now, so I'm legal and in conformity with you. Now, I'm praying to you to be fine and in a few month, please to produce more wonderful movies with your amazing and charming talent. Kisses from Marie, Marbella Spain.]]>

  49. < ![CDATA[Hello beautiful girl...
    I believe in the power of good thought, in god, and most of all, in the power of love, and this I am sure that you have a, I have no doubts that "every little thing is gona be alright"...
    So for you, my good thoughts and my love...
    Keep smiling...and always fighting, life is much bigger than what I can see, this phase is just a chapter in your life that will make you better than you already are....
    (probably I made mistakes with the english, again, ignore them if possible, eu só falo português...a hug beautiful girl)]]>

  50. < ![CDATA[I would like to is much bigger than what WE can see...not I...bruuuu...donkey, this time it's about me that I am talking about.. : )]]>

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