Lisa Ray

The Yellow Diaries

Bloom'ng Chair

Woke up.

Got out of bed.

(Did not) drag a comb across my head.

Found my way downstairs and drank a cup

And somebody spoke and I went into a dream…

share shock.

It was a gathering of Yellow Hearts even if they didn’t know it. A singular experience to walk down University Ave with no honkers. Imagine a city without cars.

Imagine a world without Cancer.

David Bloom was at the MM5K Walk. Thanks to him we members of the Myeloma Club will survive longer. Establishing this research chair for MM at Princess Margaret is a talisman. A protective charm. It’s the first in Canada and will buy me time until the cure.

sticky me.

In the meantime…

As David said.

In the meantime.

We don’t just stick around.

We thrive.

Don’t you get into a cab Mister! Unless you’re paying.

David made a crack that he’d have to do the midnight shift, driving a cab from now until December to take over take my lead raising money for the chair. This from a man who’s already raised millions.

Funny. MM makes you hilarious. At least to ourselves

I had a nap attack after the walk. Is four hours still considered a nap? Right now, I’m taking 10 little oval shaped pills. Last dose of ‘devil-dron’. That’ll perk me right up.

Stand back Bobcat!

I have a hunch.

Time to spill all our colours. And remain defenceless.

This MM marathon show me when you spill, the danger, it stay away. It will not come.

Shape shifting and mind altering. On and off Dex.

Sexy enough yet? Sexy Cancer will woo the cure.

Thank you Team Myeloma: the dashing Shane Saunderson, super-Noni, Dad, Bernadette and Alan and Bernie. The original Myeloma Outlaw Cindy Leder and David and Molly Bloom. Moving to meet Manuela and other Yellow hearts at the walk. Thanks for being there.

Thank you Bobcat. For always being there.

One paw around me to keep me symmetrical. Always.

Thanks to all the Yellow hearts. Burst of Yellow pushed us over the finish line.

Vital push.

I couldn’t cheat. You get a chip.

400+ Myeloma Outlaws. Over 12,000 marathoners out there today.

Don’t test for steroids though.

I’d have to confess.

Much more later.

And you can still support the chair. We are raising money until December:

Your support pioneers me into new territory. Thanks for open wallet and spilling your colour. Spill and blend.

You move me.

You move yellow and marrow.

damn. I’ll work on another phrase than ‘thank you’.

need a yellow language. To give the lovely bones a way to speak.

In the meantime…

Thank you.


PS This one’s for Hanan. I promised 3 blogs before she and Shamimi arrive in TO. What have I unleashed? Fortunately in my Marathon kit I chanced upon kickbutt amped energy ballz. They are pleasantly chewy and ‘restore mental alertness, enhance performance and heighten concentration’. Wowee.

they’re big ballz too.

All right. I’ll stop there.

Team Myeloma

Team Myeloma


testing for steroids? Damn. Confess or flee?

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