Make MM Matter: Scrapbook of a Cancer Graduate

Indian Vogue-ing with my chemo cut

Bonus! Fabric flies, but my chemo cut stays put

One year anniversary of my coming out at TIFF- Thanks to the Globe and Mail for putting the story of a Cancer Graduate front page and center

Back in the Business of creating illusions: hair is borrowed as is the dress

NY shoot for Rado Watches- sneak peek and thanks for the support

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  1. Fingerlakes Tourist

     /  November 11, 2010

    crazy folks around here or don’t know how to/what to write :-p. Sorry for the crap babygal.

    on another note, babe your rado pics are beautiful. You are getting gorgeous-er by the day! luv luv luv

  2. nikhil

     /  November 11, 2010

    Hi Lisa,

    This was a nice message broadcasted on our LAN. I have copied & pasted it as it is here for you.

    Log On To The Divine
    Are you excited and exhilarated about life? Or is your life filled with boredom, drudgery and monotony?

    Log on to the Divine to find cheer and vibrancy. Divinity abounds in the world. But enchanted by worldly temptations the average person fails to see Its glorious expressions. With a slight shift in focus you begin to see awesome wonders all around.

    Brahmn, God, pervades the whole universe and exists beyond it as well, in Its pristine Glory. Thus there are two dimensions to Brahmn – the pure, unmanifested aspect that cannot be conceived by human intellect and the manifested aspect which expresses as the myriad glories in the world. Krishna begins by pointing towards the unmanifest, transcendent facet. Even gods and sages do not know this aspect as Atman is not an object of comprehension. It is the very subject enabling you to understand. It is unborn, without beginning and is the substratum of the universe. One who understands Brahmn and how exactly It manifests in the world knows all that needs to be known. Such a person is the Enlightened One.

    Arjuna is a man of the world. He needs endorsement by way of tangible expressions. When you are bound to the world you get blinded by it. You lose the insight to see wonders of the Lord everywhere. It needs a certain sense of detachment and subtlety even to see the expressions of Brahmn. Then you begin to see the play of Divinity all around.

    The Gita chapter entitled “Vibhuti Yoga” details Brahmn’s manifestations. Arjuna understands the importance of keeping the mind anchored in the higher. He knows he is led astray by superficial attractions. He asks Krishna to help him see God’s immanence in the world so that he may remain focussed on the Divine even while he is living in the world and interacting with it.

    Krishna begins by saying that He is the core of all beings. He is the beginning, middle and end of all beings. They originate in Him, exist in Him and dissolve in Him. He subtly points to the fact that alas, Arjuna is asking for expressions and not the Power behind it all. Krishna, God incarnate, is speaking to him yet he asks for His expressions. It is as absurd as asking for the photograph of a person who is standing before you!

    Krishna then goes on to enumerate some of the manifestations of Brahmn, taking care to highlight the best in each category. This enables even the least developed to get inspired. Such people need spectacular expressions of Divinity to feel connected. Like the mighty Himalayas or the breathtaking Niagara. As one grows spiritually one gains the sensitivity to see Divinity even in ordinary manifestations, like a flower or leaf. At the highest level one is rooted in Brahmn, immersed in the contemplation of Brahmn, and does not need any manifestation to remind oneself of the Divine.

    Krishna ends by saying that the enumeration of His astounding glories is only a small fragment of His power. Do not get stuck with mere expressions. Go beyond, to the very essence. The entire universe is only a minuscule, insignificant part of the limitless expanse of Brahmn. That Brahmn you are. Rise above the universe and understand your sublime grandeur.

    May Krsna bless you.


  3. Liilian Ots from estonia

    No, she feels better, as I know. She’s young woman, energetic, creative person and most of people, who love Lisa Ray want see her on the blue screen… I guess, she changed and, may be, she is feeling herself in a different way, I mean soul condition… death is far, much far, till we can imagine…

  4. Fingerlakes Tourist

     /  November 13, 2010

    Your name is not even mentioned in the starcast on that page (A Stones Throw). Not right! :-p grrrr…

  5. Lian

     /  November 16, 2010

    Just ask how are you doing dear? Always be with you.

    Fans group from mainland of China.

  6. Fingerlakes Tourist

     /  November 16, 2010

    tere bin kahi lagtha hi nahi dil
    kya karu mein kya na karu hai mushkil
    aise haal mein chayne waine ayena
    ab tho akele jiya jaayena

    betaab hai har aaruzu
    aaye nazar bas thu hi thu @raja :)

    awww, choices choices. But hes a busy man too. Hmmm, you two will forever crave each others company I suppose given your lifestyles. Hard to find that sweet spot in our lives. Oh well, all is well right now, thodi si dooriyaan buss. tc babygal. Luv

  7. Hi Lisa, I love the way you have turned cancer into poetry. Nobody has ever written about it, the way you have on your blog. Your words ‘Deny nothing’ are truly inspirational and have given me enough faith to believe that everything in life is a gift from the universe.

    You make God really proud, I can bet on that!

    And I love your Chemo cut…It is Rock n Roll.

    lots of love :)
    keep rocking!

  8. shageeta

     /  November 19, 2010


    SHAMIM SAYS 50% of proceeds go to Lisa and her winning battle against multiple myeloma.



  9. Stephanie

     /  November 20, 2010

    I just wanted to let you know how much of an inspiration you are to me. I’m going through a rough spot in my life and I came across, “I Can’t Think Straight” and it was so powerful because it hit me on SUCH a personal level that I still don’t have the courage own up to. When looking into other movies you have been in I discovered your blog. I spent hours reading every blog and now my respect for you is on such a larger level. Thank you for all you have done. Thank you for being brave when the rest of us don’t know how to be. Thank you for giving me someone to look up to, I will spend the rest of my life trying to live up to a level of courage and bravery that you portray every day. Bless you.

  10. Fingerlakes Tourist

     /  November 22, 2010

    yaayyy, hyderabad next. Why didn”t you come there 3 months ago :( ? Say Hi to my family :-P . Maybe coffee with your takkari donga? ;) tc Luv Luv Luv

  11. mandi

     /  November 23, 2010

    I think I found you.You look absaloutely stunnig.Short hair long hair it works for you either way.You look happy,healthy and doing well.When is your book coming out,Idefinately want to buy one.Your writing to me,is poetry.Your words are very strong,and exspressive.So strong you really feel it in your heart.I’m sorry I always go on about me and tell you good things about you,but never talk about the real reason of why this/the stories your telling the whole world in your sights.I have been reading more stuff on cancer illnesses to learn more know these things.But I honestly feel myself, being a part of the yellow diaries,late comer but i’m here to stay.You have moved forward so we should to.It is good to give advise about the stories,and give reactions to the articles.But it should be about healing.I feel along with the illness topics you should put articles on your sight about events that are going on in the world,up-coming events on you if you want to.Don’t dwell on the past,as my grand-mother used to tell me.This is why I always complent you,and say wonderfuls things about you,sincere from my heart.You take a step,I take a step.I walk beside you along this journey.And through the ups and downs I know you will keep going.You are very willful,and want to be in the world.Your everything blows me away,and as I tell my friends about you I always refer to you as a goddess of india.Some have read up on you,and again another person speechless,and crying,but felt warm at the same time.Nobody is perfect,but in my eye what i’ve seen and read,your pretty close.Your a phanominal woman.well I think this one is long anuff,because honestly I could write all night.All my love and prayers

  12. Ranju

     /  November 24, 2010

    Hey Lisa,
    I just loved reading your blogs. You are an amazing writer.
    Please write more…anything.

    Hyd, India
    (my prayers are with you)

  13. Today: Thanksgiving holiday in United States.
    Much gratitude for MM advances and Stem Cell research.
    We continue to support champions like Lisa, and cancer graduates alike.
    Gobble of thanks for everyone’s support around the globe.

  14. Fingerlakes Tourist

     /  November 28, 2010

    Yeah, it was allright@Brown. It didn’t entirely resonate with me. Some people choose not to connect not cuz they don’t have a sense of worth, but because they choose not to be connected at all. There is a lot of different crap in the world than yours that you don’t want to connect with. She says be vulnerable. Yeah, with your love and loved ones, not the entire world (but to a certain extent that is includes honesty and sincerity). :-P

    Have a couple more biryanis for me@paradise and shout out your Rajas name in Fort Golconda.

    Cheers luv

  15. Jayati

     /  November 30, 2010

    I saw you at the hotel today at hyderabad…u were looking so ravishing…i did not wanted to disturb u but i left a msg with the reception n it took me lot of pursuation… I was waiting for long to get your autograph in return but i guess u cud not take time out…….
    Jus want u to know that of 10 things i want to do b4 i die – one was meeting you… but i cud not even manage to get your autograph….

  16. FingerLakes Tourist

     /  November 30, 2010

    lucky you@Jayati. The memory of seeing her will last you longer than her autograph on paper. If I remember rightly, you tried sending her flowers about the time she had the transplant. Cheers to a pakka follower and fan!

    I always think my chance off seeing you from afar will come at an airport babygal. Fingers crossed :-D

    luv luv luv

  17. Marie

     /  November 30, 2010

    Dear Jayati: oooohh realy, you saw to Lisa ??? Yuppy!! you have so lucky.


    See and smile at her, is a dream for me,..

    Did you take pictures ??

    Share us, please ,..

    greetings From México.

  18. FingerLakes Tourist

     /  December 6, 2010

    ufff! yeh ankhein dekh kar hum saari duniya bhool jaate hai. Burlesque-y gorgeous!!! Hoping Hyd treated you nice. tc babygal!

    luv luv luv

  19. hi,
    Read all… waiting for the new ones..

  20. Carolyn Mann

     /  December 7, 2010


    We all travel through such an unpredictable journey
    throughout our lives~
    With Love, Hope and Passion being amongst
    our deepest drives.

    We long to find purpose and peace of mind~
    To seek out those we can trust and who are inherently kind.

    But in our hopes of finding such happiness life
    unexpectedly throws a challenge our way~
    A challenge so difficult it makes us wonder
    where our faith and trust will lay.

    Bravery is something we have when we
    stand up to our fears~
    Strength, however, is what will carry us through
    our troubles and tears.

    It may not be all that important where we started from~
    but it is perhaps more important the person we will become.

    And that we have grown to be even stronger
    and braver than ever before~
    So give yourself some well deserved credit
    for all that you had to endure.

    One of the most positive things about these challenges
    is to share them and help others in need~
    And you’ll soon find out that this is one of the most
    precious gifts you could ever receive.

    Life’s lessons come in all kinds of packages
    we must try to unfold~
    figuring out much on our own that we were never told.

    Never, Ever stop trusting in yourself
    and what you can achieve~
    The only thing that really matters in this life
    is what your heart chooses to believe….

    Sincerely, Ca from NY xxoo Iwrite these to give myself strength as well!!

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     /  December 8, 2010

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  23. Whole world talk about the yellow diaries…:)

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  25. Anita

     /  December 14, 2010

    Bueno no se mucho de ingles… solo quisiera a través de estas lineas enviar mis mejores deseos a la Señora Lisa Ray y mi respeto y admiración para ese ser humano extraordinario como lo es esta gran actriz, escribo desde Venezuela …

  26. Uh, you’re great girl.

  27. Excellent post,thanks for sharing.
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  28. FingerLakes Tourist

     /  December 17, 2010

    Nice@rado (spiky hair, what???) :) . Happy Holidays Babe. Glad you are home. Wishing you twice the joy this holiday season to make up for the not so springy one last year. Happy 1st birthday as well! Heres to a 100 more :-D . mucho love as always. tc beautiful!

  29. Marisol

     /  December 23, 2010

    Dear Lisa:
    I from Buenos Aires Argentina!!!
    I love you so much!!! I your fan!!
    merry christmas……..!!!!!!

  30. Dearest Lisa,

    I miss your writings… they glow and warm up the Heart.

    Thank you for always sharing your Journey… you always shed Light, Inspiration and you have given us so much more than you can imagine…

    You affect the world in ways that always raise us to be in a different altitude and attitude in Life… it is something that I am always grateful about.

    May this holiday season fill you with so much Love and Gratitude that seeps into your every marrow.

    With BIG Love,

  31. Dearest Lisa,

    I miss your writings… they glow and warm up the Heart.

    Thank you for always sharing your Journey… you always shed Light, Inspiration and you have given us so much more than you can imagine…

    You affect the world in ways that always raise us to be in a different altitude and attitude in Life… it is something that I am always grateful about.

    May this holiday season fill you with so much Love and Gratitude that seeps into your every marrow.

    With BIG Love,

  32. ttk

     /  December 24, 2010

    wish u a happy chrismas Lisa :)

  33. lucie

     /  December 26, 2010

    Lisa, do you need any help on how to block your blog from all these commercials…It so sad that those mess up your blog :(

  34. shageeta

     /  December 27, 2010




  35. shageeta

     /  December 28, 2010



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  37. FingerLakes Tourist

     /  January 1, 2011

    Happy New Year babygal!!! Wishing you continuted health, love, joy, success and peace in the new year. tc and besos babe. love u.

  38. Verde

     /  January 1, 2011

    From the USA,
    Lisa Rani Ray,
    We are Wishing You
    a Wonderful and Blessed 2011.
    Today’s date, 1-1-11…
    whenever we see 1111,
    it’s said the Angels are watching over us.
    Here in The Yellow Diaries, Lisa, you are
    one of those Angels:^), here, now, and

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  40. powerup

     /  January 6, 2011

    Why aren’t you writing blog anymore ? Since Sept 2010?

  41. hotpeppy

     /  January 6, 2011

    Hi Lisa,

    I know you have millions of fans all over the world. I could be just another one and I wonder when you would even read all the comments you get. I watched your movie ‘ican’t think straight’ just 3 days back. Since then I have watched that movie like a 100 times since then. You are so beautiful. The movie made me search and learn more about you. I have become crazy about you. You have the most beautiful eyes and smile on earth. I loved your acting even in the movie unseen world. I’m now looking for copies of all the movies you have acted in.

    I hope you are in good health and will pray to god to keep you happy. Happy new year!

  42. FingerLakes Tourist

     /  January 6, 2011

    Its 2011 babydoll. Wouldn’t be so popular if marriage was so imperfect. Provides a stronger sense of committment come rain or shine no? Keep an open mind ;) . luv luv luv

  43. Marie

     /  January 6, 2011


    me too, I love soo much to Lisa, La Amooooooo, ……with all my soul.

  44. mckenzie

     /  January 7, 2011

    as you said so beautifully,
    “Because the Jacaranda flowers unblossom and carpet the ground before I can commit them to memory….”

    let the flowers unblossom but commit love to memory
    then let memory commit to love

    in all of this, there is nothing that matters more
    love committed
    committed love.

    Enjoy every moment

  45. Have your symptoms subsided completely? Just wanted to know what kept your spirits up? What are the thoughts that made you this desperate to live?
    On a different note, I always thought you are the most beautiful cross breed in the limelight, cz you got the best of both sides. Get more better in terms of looks, voice, acting and philosophy.

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  47. Adela Mora

     /  January 14, 2011

    Hi Lisa.

    It´s no so long I know about you. But since then I madly fall in love with your movies, the way you see the world, the strenght you have is such an inspiration for me. There´s no words available to describe the admiration I have for you.

    Just knowing you´re there makes world better.
    I really wish the best for you and hope you get better.


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