Lisa Ray

The Yellow Diaries

Month: May, 2010

Harakiri and hot flashes and RIP Dennis Hopper

My laptop commit harakiri
It was the most amazingly prosaic swan dive from the second floor. One moment the device was in my hands, then I heard the impact as it landed, squarely, one floor below.
A gap.
And then:
‘I guess it’s time to purge’
When the boy genius Apple employee looked grim, it only confirmed what I felt [...]

Battle Fatigue

Battle Fatigue
I’m not sure about the symptoms. But I’m a girl with hunches.
Maybe I feel distressed because I’ve been lying in the lap of darkness. Leaving that place takes a lot of yellow. Maybe I’m muddled because I made a contract to save my life. Now, I’m surrounded by debris and questions: What next? Next, [...]